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WAR - BUCS: Naval Units

    Destroyers: The fastest ship in the fleet. It is the only ship that can detect subs and ICBM subs.
    Submarines: Invisible to most units, the sub inflicts more damage per attack then any other ship.
    Transports: An inexpensive ship which you will need to carry your men and tanks over seas.
    Invasion Crafts: Fast and sturdy, use this ship to carry lots of ground units over unfriendly waters.
    Cruisers: Can't afford a Battleship? Buy a Cruiser, the only ship to detect and deploy mines.
    Carriers: The key to intelligence at sea, especially in larger maps where the oceans are big.
    Battleships: Kings of the sea. Not only do they inflict heavy damage, they can take it too.
    ICBM Submarine: Invisible death by carrying missiles deep behind enemy lines and launching them.
    Mines: Use your cruisers to lay these hidden death traps. They cause heavy damage.

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