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WAR - BUCS: Scenarios

 Scenario Name   Game Version Compatibility   Description   Map Size 
  SadamsRevenge_SL5.wbg    1.3   Its World War III. Sadam has banded together with China to take over the world. This scenario was built to play test the map maker which is still in development. The map has been converted into a saved game file so you can play around with it till the next version of Warbucs is ready. Its a 1-player game. You start out owning Washington DC as your capital and you are also given Los Angeles. The computer has Baghdad as its capital and is also given Beijing as an additional city. All other cities are neutral. The skill level is set at level 5. Since it is a saved game file settings you select at the setup screen will be ignored. Also, you may notice the grey borders that wrap the map arn't shown, just ignore this. It was a conversion problem.   90x90 
  SadamsRevenge_SL2.wbg    1.3   Same as above but played at skill level 2.   90x90 
  X_SL8.wbg    1.3   A land war with strategic straits. If this scenario doesn't load, email me with the error message and I will correct it. It is possible on system where many games have been played that the ID hard coded in the saved game file has already been used and recorded as a completed game.   60x60 
  X_SL4.wbg    1.3   Same as above but played at skill level 4.   60x60 
  Utopia_SL5.wbg    1.3   This is a quick map and the computer fails to take advantage of its much better starting postion due to an over sight on my part when I wrote the AI. This will be fixed in version 2. It will be easy to fix.   40x40 
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