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WAR - BUCS: Objectives

    Winning: You win the game by destroying your opponents capital. You can do this by expanding your empire to boost your economy and purchase weapons of war. Or use cunning and stealth to sneak up on your opponents capital.
    Economic Warfare: You can attack your opponents economy in several ways. You can use heavy bombers against his cities which result in decreasing his available funds. You can use cruise missiles against his cities which will reduce that city's income to nothing for several days. You can attack his capital. Any damage to your opponents capital has a direct and immediate effect on the overall efficiency of his economy.
    Oil: Most of the oil is found at sea. If you have a powerful navy you can destroy your opponents oil rigs and build your own where he once was. Without enough oil your opponent will not be allowed to purchase any oil consuming units. Tanks, planes and boats are considered oil consuming units.
    Visibility: You cannot see all of your opponents pieces. They only become visible when your move within 2 spaces of his units. Just because you see him doesn't mean that he may see you. Some pieces are invisible to most other pieces like subs, nuclear missile carrying subs, mines and spies.
    Intelligence: Good intelligence can go a long way. Set your planes and destroyers on repeated patrol patterns to prevent sneak attacks and give early warnings. You can use spies and move them close to enemy cities. You spies will gather vaulable information on the number of certain pieces your opponent has and the locations of some of his pieces.

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